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. but increasingly that free press has had quite a high price tag. >> the "washington post," the city's legendary yet struggling newspaper sold to one of the country's wealthiest men, amazon.com chairman jeff bezos. >> the "washington post" is is now owned by the head of amazon and its 14 print subscribers are already noticing one difference because the paper now comes in ludicrously wasteful packaging. but i will say they've made it much easier to return the news if you don't like it. still, this acquisition raises some big questions. first, how do you pronounce that guy's name? (pronouncing it differently n) i don't know. secondly, are you sure that this is a good investment? >> for 0 years the "washington post" has been owned by the grand family earning a reputation for top investigative journalism. but like most papers, it struggled over the past ten years. >> its circulation is half what it was in '93. >> it lost more than $50 million last year. >> john: oh, my god. i think i get it. this is just bezos' car wash. it's a front for a massive meth operation. say his name it's he euvment senbezos. s
morning, august 15. ahead on the "washington journal ," your reaction to the latest development in egypt and what the u.s. response should be. you should join the conversation at (202) 585-3880, our line for republicans. (202) 585-3881 for democrats. we also have our line for independents at (202) 585-3882. join us on facebook, send us a tweet, or e-mail address, journal@c-span.org. at somegin with a look of the headlines from outside the u.s., the "guardian" newspaper -- egypt's bloody crackdown. when the story first went to prince, the death toll was 200 78. overnight, the death toll has been updated to 421. there is this from the "miami killed asundreds egypt's forces storm the protest camps. a similar headline from "usa today," egypt the reps in chaos. -- a reps and chaos. from the "wall street journal" website -- egypt's military regime a reps setting off a day of violence that left at least 421 people dead. the government fractured and ties with its international partners in tatters. cairo streets were calm this morning following the curfew overnight with funerals for the dead. fur
the killing of civilians, washington refuses to condemned the generals for the recent power grab barack obama interrupted his holiday to do announce the violence. cannot determine the future of egypt. that is for the up -- egyptian people. we do not take sides with any particular party or political figure. to blame is tempting the united states or the west or some other actor, for what has gone wrong. he has canceled a planned military exercise with egypt. 1.3 billion dollars in american military aid is in the pipeline but will be reviewed. despite everything, egypt is a key for u.s. goals in the middle east. support is crucial to maintaining the peace treaty with israel. washington supports egypt against militants on israel's borders in the sinai. and the u.s. navy's access to the suez canal is controlled by egypt. and trieste house hard to work with whoever is in power in cairo. was mohamedly that morsi. today it is the military. it is a policy that has left them with no friends or influences in egypt. officials are saying there is no benefit anymore from supporting the generals. >> i think
on washington remains a seminal moment in american history. tonight, we kick off a series of discussions to mark the anniversary. >> we've forgotten most of the >> brown: and remembering a stalwart of american political journalism. we look back at the career of the long-time reporter, columnist and t.v. commentator, jack germond. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> supported by the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. committed to building a more just, verdant and peaceful world. more information at macfound.org >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. >> brown: the political crisis in egypt reached a new turning point today. security forces made good on a pledge to sweep away sit-ins that sprang up after the military ousted president mohammed morsi in late june. the country's health ministry reported at least 235 civilians and 4
coordinating committee, the youngest and only surviving speaker at the 1963 march on washington when dr. king gave the "i have a dream" speech. you were a leader to the selma to montgomery march and a recipient of the presidential medal of freedom and profiles in courage award and you have a new book. i'm exhausted. (laughter). (cheers and applause) >> don't be exhausted. it's all right. >> stephen: i want to say that you do not outcivil rights pioneer me. because i held in my hand this is a banner from the march on washington, all right? got that. august 28, 1963, all right? this is in my hand because i was there. all right? in my mama's belly. she was pregnant with me and she was at the "i have a dream" speech so don't feel all high and mighty. i was at the "i have a dream speech" too. >> do you hear me? >> it was a little muffled. and i'm not sure if i'd developed ears yet. but, yeah, it was -- >> i spoke number six and dr. king spoke number ten. >> so you were the sixth person to speak. if i'm not mistaken, near the end of your speech you kept on saying "wake up." >> i'd say "wake up, ame
of washington people. and which do you think is is more self-centered hollywood or washington because it's been said that washington is just hollywood for unattractive people. which do you think is more of an ooky society to be in? >> i get to live in both worlds so i really get the best of the ickiness. >> stephen: how would you compare, well, the selfishness, that is inherent in in hollywood and the selfishness that unfortunately is endemic in washington? >> here's the great thing. i moved to london ten years ago so i wouldn't have to in the selfishness of hollywood. and we shoot in baltimore so we're not really in d.c. so i kind of managed to avoid it all. >> stephen: did you ever run into those guys from "the wire"? have you heard of those guys from the wire? >> and they were canceled. look, it's been fascinating watching how people in washington -- because i've met a number of the actual people who do this job, kevin mccarthy who is the majority whip and steny hoyer who is the minority whip. >> stephen: are you modeled on anyone. >> not really. when this character was written it was based
's bring in former state department spokesman p.j. crowley and michael crowley and washington post diplomatic correspondent ann biernan. thank you all for being here. p.j., i want to start with you and this announcement by president obama that washington is canceling the joint military operations. how significant is that decision? does it carry any weight whatsoever? >> i'm sure it will be heard loud and clear by the egyptian military. how they respond to that, we'll have to see. i think the administration's challenge right now is not only what message it sends to the egyptian military, of course the president again decided not to tinker with the existing military assistance, but also what message do you send to the muslim brotherhood. do they have a mounting list of grievances. of course, the policy objective is to return to inclusive democracy. the real challenge over the next several weeks is how do you entice the muslim brotherhood that's been the victim of a coup and violence back into the political process. the end result is stronger than what was overthrown six months ago. >
. programs on every first lady from martha washington wine mckinley. tonight, harriet lane. quite she is probably the most tragic of all the first ladies. she hated it with a passion. she did not move into the white house with peace. >> they had eight rooms they had to furnish. when she arrived, she basically holed up and spent much of her time writing letters to her dead son. she called them my presaged child. a very poignant letter. , andey were returning there was a terrible accident. . it was devastating for the family. god.she concluded this was forhe house was too much jane to take care of. i don't think she was interested in housekeeping particularly. >> most regarded peer us as a failure in the office. >> it was the happiest of all presidencies. >> good evening. on this program, we learned about the final first ladies of the antebellum era. whose tenurepierce was defined by overwhelming loss. the time she and her husband are brought to the executive mansion, they have lost all fore of their young sons the next 45 minutes, we will .elve into jane pierce good evening. welcome. >
washington, d.c.. this is so refreshing because often we just hear about the policy all day. and it feels -- it's important. i'm not going to put your brother's work down. but we love -- we need to get back to connect and come back to the human heart part of that. i'm learning as an educator the and portents of empathy. and how do you instill that and others who maybe don't want to connect? >> a lot of what i do as an educator is about building empathy. so we will do things like rather than simply having the facts of the civil war for instance. it's important to building narrative and there are some things that perhaps i'm not saying everything is relative, but what we do is take a picture and build a life where it was an important time and was a document of war and amazing photograph of the war. so i have my students buying the picture and begin to tell the war from the perspective of someone that hasn't been featured in the textbook. and so they will have to imagine what is this person's greatest fear or desire? what does this person eat for breakfast? so you begin to sort of build flas
and line up at the podium. ~ you will each have two minutes to speak. jeantel washington. keith ward, and carl walter [speaker not understood]. >>> hi, good evening. i have a letter addressed to the board that -- >> i'm sorry, your name? >>> sure, my name is carl walter. i'm an organizer for service employees international, united service workers west, and we represent 40,000 security officers, janitors, airport service workers, and an allied entertainment division across the state of california. i'd like to thank you for allowing me the time to speak to you this evening. and begin by acknowledging the enormous responsibility that all of you share to ensuring the quality of education for the children of san francisco and to have a brighter future for tomorrow. i'm here tonight this evening to talk to you about the contract for security services that went out to bid recently in the district. the district has utilized security services for over 12 years. securitaz is a union company. the union has worked for over a decade in san francisco and across the bay area to improve standards fo
parties and a funeral, suggesting that they are not just democrats and republicans in washington, talking about the wealthy folks that have incestuous relationships with one another. the chief national correspondent mark leibovitz. thank you so much on the book. congratulations. it has been out for weeks. >> people seem to be liking it. maybe i'll get run out of town. [laughter] lou: i recommend you read it because it really reveals what we feared were down there. >> and has it has become in the words of tom coburn, a perman feudal culture of hangers on and self-perpetuating careers. politicians, media, the usual stuff. these are the people who run the country and this includes part of the process and the government itself. the chief white house correspondent commonly featured this. >> he said as much and i'm going to believe him. >> she has made washington work for her. there have been people like her, getting media companies to pay her a lot. >> she is a woman of a man's intelligence and energy and just a passion for all of the politics and media and power. and the money doesn't hurt. >
at the century foundation. from washington, steven cook, a senior fellow for middle eastern studies at the council on foreign relations. and here in new york, frank wisner. he is a former u.s. ambassador to egypt and served as president obama's envoy to the country in 2011. let me begin with michael hanna. tell me what's going on on the ground as we speak which is late in the evening in egypt. >> at this point a curfew is setting in, a state of emergency has been declared and it's obviously been a very chaotic and bloody day, many disturbing images emerging that all emerge from the decision to disperse the protests of the pro-morsi camps in two locations in cairo. that disperseal has been undertaken by force and has produced a high number of casualties. as of yet that number is not precisely fixed but it's a number that i think is going to shock a lot of people whenever it is fixed. >> rose: can you give a sense of what shocking people means? >> well, i think it's going to be over a hundred easily and i think what we saw what we saw in egypt was the initial move by the security forc
reforma migratoria daría 8 mil empleos fernando pizarro desde washington. >> sería 8020 empleos dice la casa blanca si se hace reforma migratoria. >> cuando los inmigrantes indocumentados son ciudadanos sus salarios aumentan y el efecto económico es que añada trabajo para todos. >> en 10 años l diferencias económicos cambiarían para los inmigrantes. se ve si se aprueba reforma migratoria solo los legalización. >> el senador marcos rubio dijo que si no se hace ahora la reforma migratoria el presidente barack obama actuara con reforma migratoria con soluciones administrativas,. >> no tenemos soluciones administrativas para siempre. >> se dice que si john biner dejara votar la reforma migratoria se lograría. >> la comunidad hispana seguirá manifestándose y yendo a las oficinas de los legisladores. desde washington, informa fernando pizarro para noticias univision. >> se pide al senador jerry brownn que se haga el acta de la confianza y cambie la situación actual. en bakersfield se manifiestan por la reforma migratoria antonio balverde. >> de todos los rincones del estado. >> si s
government and morsi supporters. karen travers, abc news, washington. >>> same-sex marriages will continue in california. that's after the supreme court denied a last ditch appeal of supporters of proposition 8. in june as you know the u.s. supreme court cleared the way for same-sex marriage to resume in california. opponents said the ruling should apply only to the two couples who actually took the case to the high court. >>> san francisco's board of appeals handed a small victory to a men's clothing store trying to open in the mission district. neighbors and merchants say jack spade is a national chain with 11 or more stores across the u.s. san francisco law requires special hearings before chains can open in certain neighborhoods and that includes part of the intermission where a permit has been approved for a jack spade store. >> this area is like a wildlife preserve. it is designated a safe zone for small business. >> looking forward to it. i think it will improve the block. i can't wait. >> jack spade claims it is a small independent retailer even though it is owned by liz claiborne.
the buyers will come. i'm diana olick in washington. >> what these these bulletins from housing, the consumer and job market mean for stocks? we turn to jim paulson, the chief investment officer at wells capital investment. good to have you. >> good to see you, suzy. >> a lot of negativity today in the markets. what is your take? >> i think a lot of it, suzy, we're digesting a number of big things after a huge market move. that's one of the things we're digesting. we made such a big move off last fall fall lows. in audition, we've had just a dramatic change in long-term interest rates. you're talking about mortgage rates going up, the ten-year treasury hitting 280 today. it was 160 not that long ago. of course, we'll face feds tapering or slowing down quantitative easing soon. these are big events and i think it led to a little market indigestion if you will. the market is in a trading range for the rest of the year, but i think we'll get through it and as we come out the other end, maybe at the end of this year, i think we'll be stronger for it. we'll find out that both the economy and the s
of americans not liking the direction of the country, the question becomes why. joining us now from washington. republican strategist kate obenshain. also kirsten powers a democrat and fox news analyst. powers, what's the main source of disenchantment? >> well, i'm not sure that there is one source. i think that, certainly, the economy is a piece of it. but, the economy is turning around. we are in a recovery, believe it or not, but i think a lot of people still feel like their lives are not that secure. and as long as you are feeling like your life is not that secure, most people don't have pensions anymore. they are not sure about their health insurance. they are not sure that they are going to continue to have a job because everything has become so unpredictable. so i think it's environment sort of set up for people to be dissatisfied. >> bill: it's all environment? >> i think there is economic component. i agree beverage that kirsten just said believe it or not. i also think it's a lot broader than that political to some extent. the ongoing scandals been a year since benghazi. we are seein
of kennedy's life in the white house. good morning from washington. it's thursday, august 15th, 2013, and this is "the daily rundown." i'm in for chuck todd this morning. we begin with the developing news in egypt. where members of the muslim brotherhood and their supporters are defying government leaders and holding new protest marches in multiple cities, raising the risk of more bloodshed. today's demonstration comes a day after the military's all-out assault on pro morsi demonstrators that left more than 500 people dead. in an effort to stop the protest altogether, the interim government has placed the country under a month-long state of emergency. it's also going after protest leaders. recommending murder charges against more than 80 members of the brotherhood and their supporters. this morning, we got word that ousted president morsi will continue to be held in an undisclosed location for at least another month. he has not been seen publicly since being removed from power six weeks ago. the obama administration is condemning the violence and the state of emergency as contrary to
and the washington -- grand canyon and the washington monument and everything that what happened when we shut down government, the american people will react in a negative fashion and will blame congress. there are some of my colleagues in the hopkinson at that say we have to repeal obama care if we're going to raise the debt limit. my friends, that does not work. i want to repeal obamacare. it happens to be the way i voted, but it is not the way it will happen. we do not have 67 votes in the united states senate, which was what would be required to override a presidential veto. and so, i think it is not a right approach. what i do want to continue this repeal parts of obamacare, which are very onerous and are very harmful in my view to healthcare in america. i do not know what is going to happen, but i believe we will not shut down the government. i believe it is time the american people are heard they want us to sit down together and avoid what is turning into every year or every two years that we threatened people like you. it contributes -- i joke about the congress, but i am not proud of that
for a stop on the near side of washington and stockton. we generally support having four site stops. on this particular case we didn't feel it was safe because at the intersection and one bloke away there's 3 major construction projects that will be going on for several years. if the stop is on the far side it will create gridlock. we feel that further down the line open stockton that there was a variant to not eliminate parking but just to reduce the ladies and gentlemen of the jury, to two wired lanes we think that's a better solution. there's no need to pick a fight by removing parking. and finally we want again to caution that implementing transit signal priority technology can be both a good and bad thing. in chinatown over the last 36 years we found that we always try to reach a balance with the different uses. and if buses always get priority it would create gridlock again. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon i was given the privilege of speaking out of order so i'm not the person whose name appears after chin. i'm michael and i live on libl street. i'm an immigrant f
care what washington thinks? i'm brooke baldwin. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> a trainer murdered in the middle of a class. why his past may provide clues. >>> plus, coffee's wake-up call. a new study shows how the brew could be deadly. >>> and a paralympic committee tells a swimmer she can't compete because she's not disabled enough. we're on the case. >>> and here we go. good to see you. i'm brooke baldwin. want to begin with the biggest story in the world right now. egypt. and as more blood spills on to the streets of egypt, the relationship between the united states and egypt's military government is on rocky ground. tethered by a $1.3 billion aid package. and just one word has the power to pull the plug on this u.s. cash flow to egypt. that one word is "coup." if the world is used for president mohamed morsi's dismissal, that would be this automatic trigger. it would force the u.s. to cut all foreign aid. and just this morning, president obama made a decision. >> while we want to sustain our relationship with egypt, our traditi
tyler before she became mrs. tyler. >> the only problem is julia tyler was in washington before she married the president. she was very, very popular. and she had plings flings, whatever that means today, with a lot of different men, a lot of different much older men. she seemed to attract a lot of older men. but whatever went on between julia and buchanan was really negligentible. >> and ultimately married one 30 years her senior. >> yes. >> who became president. >> yes. >> and the next call from barbara in brookhaven, pennsylvania. >> i too remember the story when i visited wheatland about a broken-hearted buchanan when his fan say jilted him. it has something to do with her family's objection to him. so apparently was just so broken hearted there was just never anyone else for him. i remember hearing that story from a tour guide when i went through wheatland. >> thank you. here's a request from wallace lee. president buchanan was originally from merserburg, pennsylvania, born and raised, and he moved to lancaster as an adult. it is discertaining to say he was from lancaster. >> h
. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. washington had been pressuring egypt not to do this, but egypt did it anyway, and now roughly 300 people are dead, including some 40 members of the egyptian security forces. a curfew is in place, as is a state of emergency for the next month. egypt is unraveling. its hope of democracy obscured behind tear gas and bullets. at first light, egyptian security forces, which ousted the elected president mohamed morsi six weeks ago, moved in to finish the job and break up two camps of protesters who demand that the former president be reinstated. bulldozing into one at cairo university, it was over quickly. but at the other protest, they held fast. security forces fired on them with tear gas and then automatic weapons. egyptian security forces here are clearly using live ammunition. they are firing into the side streets. there are front line positions between protesters, security forces all over cairo. and this one looks like it is about to get very ugly. a 37-year-old customs broker guided us through the streets, warning of government g
your member of congress to use their special exemption? good night from washington. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is onment tonight: >> sometimes i'm in a board room or i'm in situations where i am the only woman, i'm the the only african-american person. they don't sense that i should be holding one of those -- >> bill: oprah winfrey making provocative remarks about race saying she was denied an opportunity to shop in switzerland. her comments have become controversial and we will deal with the wider implications tonight. >> i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore! >> bill: apparently many americans feel that way too. just 22% of us are satisfied with the way things are going in the u.s.a. ♪ ♪ satisfaction. >> bill: but why? we will try to find out. also tonight, dennis miller running riots. >> i hate to see fat man and little boy quibble like this. >> bill: miller in rare form. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. oprah winfrey talking about race.
to the winning team. well, as it turns out, nixon was also rooting for the other side, the washington redskins who lost to the dolphins in super bowl vii. the rest of the beltway crowd either supported the redskins skins or waffled on the issue. as many as politicians are prone to do. just take a look at this coverage from the day before that big game in january of 1973. there wasn't a single dolphins fan. >> among those 75 million spectators will be one president of the united states and many members of congress and other washington figures. we asked them to talk about the super bowl and here's what they said. >> who's going to win the big game, senator. >> it's a tossup. >> i'm a redskins fan. >> well, the redskins. >> what's your prediction, senator? >> on what? >> going to be a great game, great game. >> i don't like to jinx the redskins, but i think the redskins are going to win. >> i'm for the over the hill game. >> the redskins are going to win the big game. i've got it figured out. >> the better team will win. >> which is going to be the better team? >> the one who gets the most points
out of washington. certainly news around the rest of the country. and the rest of the world, particularly with the bloodshed in egypt and more and more pressure on the united states to take some serious action to let the egyptian military know that we are not supportive of this military coup and particularly the way they are now trying to enforce their rule over the people of egypt. 1-866-55-press is our toll free number. for your chance to comment on the news of the day and tell us what it all means to you. or you can join us on twitter at bpshow. invite your comments there and your comments on facebook at facebook.com/billpressshow. here we go with the whole team here in place today, peter ogborn and dan henning. >> hey, hey. >> good morning. >> bill: alichia cruz has the phones covered. cyprian bowlding on this -- it is all over for cyprian, right, because this is the last day for current. [ laughter ] >> no, not even close. get back, cyprian. you can't leave yet. >> bill: that's a good point. we have to remind everybody, first and foremost, we are a radio show. we are a
philanthropy ends and politics begin. chief washington correspondent james rose sen has that story. >> reporter: since 2001, former president bill clinton has performed good works across the globe as when he and daughter chelsea representing the clinton foundation promoted literacy in south africa. >> the great thing about life, if you give it back, it keeps coming back to you. >> reporter: now, hillary clinton, widely thought to be readying a second run for the presidency, is moving her operation into the new manhattan headquarters of the foundation, freshly renamed the bill, hillary and chelsea foundation. a new investigation by ""the times"" revealed the foundation to be 8 million in the red last year and deficits that reached $40 million on a two year span. >>> can tell you having gone on trips with the foundation and see unique done around the world i've never seen any impropriety or kickbacks. i think they brought in the law firm simpson thatcher to review the activities of the foundation. they found in fact there was streamlining that could be done. i hope that happens. >> reporter: yet
they think the markets will go lower because of other stuff going on out there. in washington in particular, of conversations about whether debt is going to mount the will handle the ceiling increase which will emerge again. had the see that? will there be more bad news for investors and americans generally? >> the fundamental issue is still jobs. so many people unemployed, underemployed, a part-time employe, going and disability, and without the engine of jobs it is hard to say that the fundamentals of the economy are sound. the get a lot of ripsaw hang around based on what washington is going to do. frankly i don't remember a time in my adult life where everything was so dependent on some utterance of one washington official or another. it just seems to me that the economy is now just hanging by the threat of the latest comment from ben bernanke or somebody else. gerri: you have to say that he is probably the most powerful man on the planet right now. >> in moves equimark is, bond markets, politics. that is not the way it is supposed to be. gerri: i have to tell you, i look at some of the
the highs, however. diana joins us from washington to sort it all out. hi, diana. >> hey, tyler. you're right, it does seem like a disconnect. first to the sentiment numbers, homebuilder sentiment index, up three points for august. that's the fourth straight month of gains despite rising interest rates. of the three index components, current sales up 3 points. future sales expectations up one point. only buyer traffic seems to be lagging here unchanged and still in the negative territory. this, as we heard, the homebuilder stocks up today but well off their highs. you can see the housing index is now in bare market territory over 20% from its high on may 20. d.r. horton is now at a one-year low. why the disconnect? they are rated much more to the private buildings. they're seeing big demand because of lack of existing supply and demand on the market. they say interest rates are not hitting them that high. of course, it's a huge run-up in the stocks before a recovery really took hold. some said they were, in fact, overheated before then, and now that you have rising interest rates in
contributing to the long lines and the voter frustration. joining me now, the "washington post's" pulitzer prize-winning columnist eugene robinson and republican strategist rick tyler. gene, what would be your response to senator paul when he says show me the objective evidence of disenfranchisement? >> i'd say the evidence is pretty evident. there is that m.i.t. study about how long minorities had to wait to vote as oppose todd whites. you already have a system that puts added burdens on minorities who would like to vote. then you add on top of that voter i.d. requirements, which we know are going to disproportionately affect minorities, and you end up with i think plenty of evidence that these laws have the effect if not the intent of turning african-americans away from the polls. >> gene, when i say to folks this is a solution in search of a problem, they often respond to me by saying how do you know there's not more fraud taking place but people are getting away with it? you can't prove it if they're getting away with it. >> well, no, but you'd think this they get caught every once in
for middle east peace. we have ayman mohyeldin on the ground. and we have washington post correspondent matt miller. ayman, let's start with you. things are quieter today than they were why i had. we'll start with you. this is far from over, isn't it? >> reporter: you're absolutely correct, abby. to give you a sense how drastic the situation is changing in egypt, on the day where 15 people are killed you get a sense that it's relatively calm compared to what it was yesterday. we say 15 given some of the casualties we've been hearing. now there have been reports across the country of violence. we'll start off here in cairo where supporters of the ousted president carried out an attack on one of the government municipalitiy buildings here. the supporters of the ousted president attacked a government building using molotov cocktails. police had to intervene using tear gas. they issued a statement afterwards saying the police are going to use live ammunition or they have been authorized to use live ammunition in pushing back protesters attacking buildings or churches. in the past 24 hours there
a washington ademÁs de ser un aleado, egipto a pesar de no tener petrÓleo es el paÍs mÁs importante del mundo a rabe. localizado en un punto estratÉgico tiene frontera entre otros con con israel con el cual tiene un tratado de paz. el gobierno militar interino coronÓ tener otra opcion que desalojar a los manifestantes para plantar un desafÍo que no estaban dpispuestos a tolerar. estado thidz envÍa cada aÑo mÁs de mil millones de dÓlares en ayuda econÓmica y militar a egipto. no han encontrado suspenderlo dicen que es algo que continÚamente estÁn evaluando. en washington, lori montenegro, telemundo. >>> al regresar en noticiero telemundo. examinamos como impactara la reforma de salud los 28 millones de pequeÑos negocios en estados unidos. . >>> y la >>> los pequeÑos negocios son el motor de la economÍa estadounidense. generan 2 de cada 3 empleos. pequeÑos comerciantes estÁn preocupados por la futura ley de salud. que requiere que les ofrezcan seguro mÉdico a los empleados que trabajen 0 horas o mÁs por semana vanessa hauc con los detalles. >>> esta es una clÍnica familiar. >>
salir del país pero tengo oportunidad de ir a otros estados. >> viajo a washington. >> al llegar al aeropuerto mi corazón latia fuerte y cuando me pidieron mi identificación fue otra emoción porque ya no tenía miedo de dar mi identificación, ahora es diferente, puedo manejar y no tengo miedo de la ponce. policía. >> qué le dirias al líder del movimiento. >> le preguntaria que si es una persona de fe. >> y entonces si me dice que sí, entonces que somos todos iguales ante los ojos de dios. >> por eso ella misma produce videos y los difunde. >> estefany forma parte del grupo de los 11 para hacer la protesta de los indocumentados. >> autoridades del tranporte están a un paso de decir si el nuevo tramo se va a inaugurar, una de las soluciones es hacer,e un cambio en los pernos defectuosos. >> incrementaran al partir del 11 de septiembre, el aumento de precio por estacionarse se debe a cubrir los gastos y es moderado entre otros lotes, ha mantenido sus tarifas desde el 2005. >> trabajan de manera conjutna para evitar los plantios de marihuana y que tienen grandes problemas. >> e
, all of whom have traveled here from washington, dc from sacramento and all over the bay area. so thank you for being here today. we are grateful for an opportunity to come together with you to create schools and communities where young people are healthy and safe and feel welcome and they are allowed to learn and they are allowed to thrive. this day is devoted to help all of us deepen our understanding of this issue of the problem through data, through research, through anecdotes, to put real solutions in place, to comply with new state and draw laws on bullying and to measure our progress. it's a promise we want to join you in keeping to our children and our youth in california. some of you know that we started this summit yesterday with a screening of the documentary film, bully, to 3,000 students in san francisco from san francisco's public schools. the superintendent of schools you're going to hear from in a minute, he was there, i know ter theresa sparks was there, i was so proud of san francisco in being there because the superintendent, he's, you can tell he's a teache
supporters. karen travers, abc news, washington. >>> same-sex marriages will continue in california. that's after the supreme court denied a last ditch appeal of supporters of proposition 8. in june as you know the u.s. supreme court cleared the way for same-sex marriage to resume in california. opponents said the ruling should apply only to the two couples who actually took the case to the high court. >>> san francisco's board of appeals handed a small victory to a men's clothing store trying to open in the mission district. neighbors and merchants say jack spade is a national chain with 11 or more stores across the u.s. san francisco law requires special hearings before chains can open in certain neighborhoods and that includes part of the intermission where a permit has been approved for a jack spade store. >> this area is like a wildlife preserve. it is designated a safe zone for small business. >> looking forward to it. i think it will improve the block. i can't wait. >> jack spade claims it is a small independent retailer even though it is owned by liz claiborne. they will take anot
in the volatile region. >> abc's tahman bradley continues our coverage from washington. >> reporter: egyptians are waking up to the quiet of an overnight curfew. the streets of cairo and alexandria were nearly deserted. hours earlier, chaos. the violence erupted when egypt's new military government used force to clear two encampments, occupied by supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. teargas scattered crowds. then, bulldozers before police opened fire on the protesters. te jipgs government says more than 300 people were killed. most of them civilians. and nearly 3,000 were injured. it was egypt's deadliest day, since the uprising that toppled hosni mubarak. some fired back with rocks. ordina ordinary citizens were caught in the violence. the situation, a nightmare for u.s. officials. >> the united states strongly condemns the use of violence against protesters in egypt. >> reporter: the obama administration has not labeled the military's decision to remove president morsi a coup. and so far, there's no sign the u.s. will cut the aid provided to the key middle east ally. secretary of st
washington, chris toensing, director of the middle east research and information project read sharif, yesterday morning when this all began, please, describe what happened. take us through the day. >> before i do that, slight correction, three journalists were killed yesterday, the photojournalist was not killed. that was an erroneous report that filtered through the media yesterday. to answer your question, yesterday was a day of violence and chaos and bloodshed, the most violent episode i have witnessed as reporter in egypt for the past 2.5 years. walking around the northeastern where ahood in cairo mosque was located, you could hear the crackle of machine-gun fire intermittently in the air. in theas teargas thrown city mixed with black smoke rising from cairo. just to give you a sense of what it was like to get in for protesters, to get in or out, you had to make a perilous run across a stretch of open road that was exposed to sniper fire. when i was leaving once, man running next to me was hit in the head with what appeared to be a shotgun pellets. many protesters had taken to wr
handlesman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: president obama walked a thin line as he came to the music on martha's vineyard. he condemned the crackdown by egypt's military. >> we deplore violence against civilians. we support universal rights essential to human dignity, including the right to peaceful protest. >> reporter: but mr. obama suggested many egyptians, maybe a majority, i wanted the army to oust elected president mow ham mid-morsi and wanted the protests by pro-morsi backers ended but he said egyptians and he are horrified by 500-plus dead and by protesters killing cops and attacking christians. >> we call on the egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of the people. we call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully and con dent attacks that we've seen by protesters, including on churches. >> reporter: the president could have gone further. he could have declare there had had been a coup in egypt. all u.s. aid would have stopped. but he didn't. >> this morning, we notified the egyptian government that we are canceling our biannual joint militar
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